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After being contacted directly by Netflix, John was the sole inspiration behind the Netflix movie ‘Can They See Us’ which was about a boy who grew up to become an internationally acclaimed musician and notable key figure of the African struggle for the treatment of Africans with albinism in Africa. John was born on 24th February 1985 in Ndola of copper belt Province in Zambia - Africa, 1st born in a family of 6 and now resides in the capital city of Zambia with his wife and 3 children. John is passionate about music and aims at developing his talent fully to reach international standards.

John Chiti is the first person with Albinism to come out in the limelight in Zambia. He is songwriter, composer, singer, and professional guitarist. He’s also the founder and technical advisor for the Albinism foundation of Zambia which is also the first albinism organisation to be established in his country. He is a music Activist and Disability Rights advocate. John serves as Commissioner for Zambia Police service commission appointment by the republican president in February 2022. He is a
2018 Mandela Washington Fellowship and holds various Humanitarian Awards for his contributions towards Disability issues. He was awarded the point of light commonwealth 230th award signed by her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second.

“The day John Chiti was born was a difficult one for his family in Zambia. "They were shocked, and they were confused because I was born different," he says. Chiti was born with albinism, a congenital condition of having no pigment in the skin or hair, which appear white. His family "didn't understand how come Black people can have a white child," Chiti says. "Maybe my mother had an affair with a white man. Or it is a curse. So there was a lot of ignorance about the condition." That ignorance shattered Chiti's family. His father blamed his mom and wanted nothing to do with his child. This was the first of many hurdles Chiti had to overcome before becoming the man he is today – successful, assured, and well-known.” - by Ari Daniel - NPR -

This is the year of new beginnings as John Chiti is now under Sony Music Distribution, Managed/Represented by one of the UK's most successful and growing record label, Digital Jukebox Records.